About Us

Unique Hair  is a company that focuses on developing and producing  hair products such as bundles, frontal,closure, wigs and etc. Our company has started hair  business since 2003. We aim at  promoting ladies ’ confidence.

Unique Hair represents a confident, free, independent and energetic  lifestyle. We believe that everyone has his own unique style and encourage people to live their own lives. Designers have incorporated this concept into every product, making Unique Hair's design with a distinct personal style, reflecting pure woman flavor while showing an individual character's lifestyle.

We have a strong team, which divided into production, testing, sales, delivery and service departments. For the production department, they take charge of producing hair products, which ensures we have enough hair supply and products update. The testing department ensures hair quality before shipping. Sales apartment is to look for more website traffic and facilitate the transaction by investing google ads, running social media like Instagram, Facebook and other channels. Delivery apartment ensures items are correct and package can be delivered to correct address and person. The service apartment is the ultimate guarantee for customers, and help customers solve any problems they meet before or after the sale.

Each department works clearly and separately, has efficient collaboration. And we care about every aspect, using high-quality services to treat every customer.